Exercise and Expand your Brain Power with Brain Aerobics

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Health & Wellness

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A Nassau Library Share Program

Exercise and Expand your Brain Power with Brain Aerobics

Fun for all ages!  Learn basic MEMORY techniques:  Short term/long term memory games; Positive thinking; Nutrition and strengthening the brain's connections and building new brain cells; Meditation; New ways to train the brain to think...and more!

Program is presented via Zoom Platform. Zoom links will be sent to registered users 24 hours before event. 




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This is an online program provided via Zoom, Facebook Live, or other platforms. Participants are expected to adhere to Long Beach Public Library's Rules of Conduct while in attendance, and failure to do so during a virtual program may result in their immediate removal from said program. Long Beach Public Library will make its best good faith effort to utilize a virtual program platform that will be compatible with the widest array of hardware and operating systems, but the Library makes no representation that every patron will be capable of accessing Library programming virtually using their personal devices or internet connections. More information can be found in the Library's Programming Policy.